Tilehouse Studios is a unique vintage recording studio originally built for Mike Oldfield in 1981. Located on the edge of West London in the countryside, we focus on creating amazing recordings in a peaceful, laid-back environment. We specialise in analogue tape recording and have an amazing selection of vintage equipment and instruments. Don't worry we do digital too! Tilehouse Studios is the perfect creative retreat, where you can get away from the bright lights and stress of the city without having to travel for hours. Accommodation is available nearby and we encourage artists to stay to enjoy the peaceful countryside surroundings and focus on music making.



Record in our a awesome sounding tiled Live Room or our Dead Room. We have a great selection of vintage and modern equipment for you to use to help capture your sound including an amazing refurbished Studer 189 mixing console dating from 1970. We even have a Mellotron! For the analogue addicts we have one of the best sounding tape machines ever made - Studer A800 16-track 2-Inch. For digital recording we have Pro Tools HD and the best converters from Apogee.


Whether you are mixing in the box or you are an analogue addict, we have the outboard gear, tape machines and digital plugins to make your mixes sound fantastic. Why not come out of the digital world and to tape to warm up your mixes?


We have the facility to make Pure Analogue recordings by mixing down to our quarter inch Studer A80 tape machine. Who needs computers?!


The last stage of the production process, mastering is the last opportunity to tweak the overall sound of your mixes and to make sure your songs play back at a professional volume level.


If your digital mixes are sounding too thin or sterile then valve compression or printing to tape is a great way to thicken out and warm up digital mixes. 

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